Artwork Specifications

Two options are available for artwork. Custom designs that conform to the specifications below can be electronically submitted. Template files will be provided for each product.

In addition, the Federation produces a variety of designs for each of the materials that can be selected instead of custom artwork. Stock artwork designs are contained in the Federation’s artwork guide and are available on the Ethical Purchasing Network website.

All artwork for products that are union manufactured or printed will have a small union bug added. Unless already present, the artwork for all non-textile materials will also include a small bug that reads “Strength in Numbers. Canadian Federation of Students” or displays the Federation’s logo.

All custom artwork must:

  • Conform to the print area specifications
  • Be vector graphics (when artwork is magnified, all edges should be smooth)
  • Be saved in Adobe Illustrator format (.ai), Portable Document Format (.pdf) or 
  • Encapsulated Post-Script format (.eps)
  • Have all fonts outlined
  • Not contain more colours than the maximums specified
  • Not contain tints, transparent objects or gradients
  • Be supplied with a text document describing the 
    • dimensions and location of the artwork within the predefined print area
    • the CMYK or PANTONE colours used in the artwork

If you have any questions, contact


Federation Artwork


The Federation has developed artwork templates to assist member locals with the design of artwork for products ordered through the Ethical Purchasing Network. Member locals can select templates and request specific colours, slogans, websites or logos. Designs can be English, French or bilingual.

Member locals that wish to use customized artwork from this catalogue should contact and include the following information for each piece of artwork:


  • Order Number
  • The items that you would like artwork desgined for
  • The artwork template number you have selected
  • The colour(s) that you would like incorporated into the design
  • The name, website, or other text or logos that you would like incorporated into the design. Note that where possible logos or images should be submitted as an .AI, .EPS or .PFS format
  • The slogan or message that you would like incorporated into the design (only for  designs that have room for a slogan)


Member locals will be provided with an opportunity to review the customized artwork. Once the design is approved it will be submitted on your behalf. Member locals will still receive a product proof that will need to be approved.

Artwork Template Files

Template artwork files have been developed to assist member locals who choose to design custom artwork. Please download the templates and follow the instructions in each file.

T-Shirt (front/back) 12” H x 10” W max. Five-colour max  
Laundry Bag (front/back) 15” H x 12” W max. Five-colour max  
Tote Bag (front/back) 9” H x 10” W max. Five-colour max  
Shopping Bag (front/back) 10” H x 10” W max. Five-colour max  
Classic Water Bottle (wrap around) 2.5” H x 9.125” W wrap-around print. Three-colour max


Sport Water Bottle 

(top and base)

Top: 0.75” H x 3.5” W

Base: 3.5” H x 3.5” W

Three-colour max


Mug (front/back) 3” H x 2.5” W max. Three-colour max  
3/8” Lanyard (front only) 1/4” H repeating print. One-colour max  
3/4” Lanyard (front only) 1/2” H repeating print. One-colour max  
Button (front only) 1.25” H x 1.25” W max. Full colour  
Pen (front only) 9/16” H x 2” W max. One-colour max  
Jumbo Highlighter (front only) 1.6250” H x 2.5” W max. One-colour max  
Thin Highlighter (front only)

0.8750” H x 2” W max. One-colour max

Notebook (front/back) 9” H x 6” W max. Full colour  
Whistle (front only) 5/8” H x 1 1/8” W max. One-colour max  
Clipboard (front/back) 7” H x 10” W max. Three-colour max  

Post It Flags

0.562” H x 2.625” W max. One-colour max

Toques (front)

2” H x 4” W max. One-colour max


Card Holders (front/back)

5” H x 3.9375” W max. Full colour
Coffee Mugs 

2" H x 2.5" W

Cell Phone Holder (front)

1.75" H x 1.75" W
Tablecloths 19" W x 22" W